Origin of the New Brunswick Gypsum Deposits

CIM Bulletin1960
THE November issue of the Bulletin carried in it " Origin of the New Bruns1viclc Gypsum Deposits" by J. Olaf Sund. This paper was a digested account of a Master's thesis at the University of New Brunswick which was a very useful compendium of information of gypsum in new Brunswick. It was a warded the President's Gold Medal and the First Prize in the Graduates' Section of the Students' Essay Competition. The present writer presents his congratulations to the winner of the competition. At the same time he must comment on the use of certain terms and on certain conclusions presented in the paper.
Keywords: anhydrite, calcium sulphate, gypsum, hydration, New Brunswick, Calcium, Deposition, Deposits, Gypsum, New Brunswick, Sulphates, Temperature, Water, Waters
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