Longwall Bottom-Belt Conveying in Thin Seams on Vancouver Island

CIM Bulletin1953
AS COMPARED with coal mines in the United States, and even with some of thai.se in eastern Canada, the coal: mines of western Canada, generally speaking, have made little progress toward mechanization at the working 1£aces. So far a:s Vancouver island is concerned, there are three main reasons ,for this : ( 1 ) in some areas, conditions easy for hand-loading but unsuitable for mechanical loading make high outputs per man possible by the former method; (2) faulting of the coal seams in some areas precludes longterm planning and the introduction and efficient use of expensive equipment; (3) thinness •and other characteristics of the seams in many areas favour hand-loading.
Keywords: Canada, coal, conveyors, mine, shaker, Coal, conveyors, Loading, Mine, Mines, mining, Operation, trial
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