Proposed· C.I. M. Foundation

On the recent trip from Vancouver t-o Calgary with the President, Mr. C. C. Huston, and yourself, I had the opportunity of outlining a plan based on the following: Among the aims of the Institute are, -obviously, the fostering of the confraternity of those engaged in the technical and management fields of the mining and petroleum industries. This may be achieved in a number of ways, of which, to me, the interchange of ideas and experience between different parts of Canada and different sections and divisions of the Institute appears to be one of the most important. I think you and the member~ hip as a whole are, and l1ave been, well aware of this . The annual tour of the President .and Secretary, particularly their visits to Branches, shows this to be true. The interchange of ideas the medium of the BuLLETIN also illustrates the point; indeed, most Institute activities are directed along these lines.
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