Shaft Sinking at Rouyn Merger Gold Mine

CIM Bulletin1948
THE property of Rouyn Merger Gold Mines, Limited, is in Rouyn and Joannes townships, Western Quebec, seven miles east of the town of Rouyn. Traversing it is the east-west trending Cadillac-Bouzan fault. Diamond drilling in 1944 and 1945 along a shear zone south of the fault indicated an ore deposit lying at the contact between sedimentary and volcanic rocks and dipping approximately 60° to the northwest.
Keywords: Air, Canadian, Cerro de Pasco Corporation, footwall, Ingersoll-Rand D.A, shear zone, Timbering (1 set) .., Grade, Pipe, Shafts, Skips, steel, Steels, Timbering
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