Putting Out a Fire at the Greenhill Mine

CIM Bulletin1945
THE Greenhill mine of West Canadian Collieries, Limited, is situated at Blairmore, Alberta, and produces 2,500 tons per day of bituminous coal. On Monday, October 25th, 1943, smoke was discovered by a party of firebosses on their regular weekly inspection of air-ways. Probably the fire had been smouldering for several days but, as it had started on the outcrop at the top of an old raise filled with dirt, only a small quantity of smoke could filter through, and the plume of mist that crowns the fan at that season had prevented the fan-man from noticing it.
Keywords: Airways, Blairmore, Alberta, dry ice, outcrop, Rock Tunnel, Fires, Mine, Mines, Raises, Rock, Rocks, steel, Steels
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