The Exploration and Development of Calumet Mine, Quebec

CIM Bulletin1941
THE first discovery of lead and zinc ore on Calumet island was made in 1893 by John Lawn, who then staked a portion of the property now owned by Calumet Mines, Limited. His discovery was developed by James and Calvin Russell, who are said to have shipped a few tons of sorted ore, averaging 39 per cent zinc, 13 per cent lead, and 11 oz. silver per ton. In 1898, the property was being operated by the Grand Calumet Mining Company, who mined and shipped, for treatment in a Belgian smelter, 1,100 tons of ore averaging 32 per cent zinc, 9 per cent lead, and an unreported content of gold and silver.
Keywords: Biotite, biotite, galena, gneiss, ore, sphalerite, Drilling, mining, Ore, Orebodies, Orebody, Ores, Shafts
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