The Spiral Stoping System as Applied at the Beattie Mine

CIM Bulletin1939
THE spiral stoping method of mining was first seen by the writer at the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power Company's Hidden Creek mine, at Anyox, British Columbia. Where the method received its name, or by whom it was named, is a question, but it was employed by the Granby Company at their Phoenix mine, in the Boundary district, B.C., as early as 1901-02 after they had tried unsuccessfully other methods at that large, law-grade property. Its adoption there was suggested by two miners, John and Steve Swanson, then working at Phoenix, who had previously been employed in the hard iron-ore mines of Michigan and Wisconsin, where they had learned this system of mining.
Keywords: Anyox, British Columbia, figure 17, Granby Consolidated Mining, ore, stope, mining, Ore, Ores, pillar, Pillars, Spirals, stope, stopes, Stoping
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