Development of a Mining Communication Protocol

CIM Montreal 2015
Peter Wan (Teck)
As the number of operational technologies available for mobile mining equipment continues to grow,
so too does the complexity of device interconnectivity and data management. The GMSG Technology and Connectivity Working Group has been working towards the introduction of an industry standard or guideline to enable open data transfer that will increase operating efficiencies and reduce the cost of integration of new technologies within the mine.

The project began with studies of stakeholder requirements and available standards from other sectors, and will culminate with the development of an application programming interface (API) guideline
for mobile mining equipment data connectivity. The project began in 2012 and expects to present a
standard/guideline for industry ratification in 2015. This presentation will review the guideline for development and/or selection of a communication protocol for mining machine guidance systems developed in 2014, and the current work underway towards completion of this project.
Keywords: technology, operational excellence, API, data transfer, communications, application programming interface, interoperability, guideline
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