Paste Backfill System Implementation from Concept Design through to Operation

Symposium 2015 Rouyn-Noranda
Mr Chris Lee (Principal - Paste Engineering and Design - Golder Associates Ltd.)
Many mine operators have some exposure to paste backfill systems and have a general idea of how they work. However, when put in the position of initiating a new backfill project some mine operators and project managers are not aware of the steps involved with the testing, backfill method selection (hydraulic, cemented rockfill, pastefill or hybrid types), concept design, options selection, feasibility design, detailed design, construction, commissioning and training. In addition, mine operators who have not been involved in the design and startup of a new backfill system are frequently not aware of what can be expected when a backfill system is started up and many mine operators learn about pipeline blockage, strength variability, rheology control, operational requirements etc. for the first time on their own system.

This keynote is meant to provide a roadmap for how a paste backfill system project should be progressed from start to finish with emphasis on steps that are important specifically for paste backfill. In addition, experiences from multiple paste backfill projects of different types will be discussed to illustrate what can be expected during the implementation of a paste system and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls of paste backfill system startup.
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