Re-Aligning Canada Journey

Vancouver 2014
Misalignment in 2014, why is it still an Issue


Rotating equipment misalignment seems, still to date, to be one of the common factors, in the industrial maintenance manager’s nightmares. Or shall we say, thorn in their side. Again and again, vibration analysts come back with diagnosis of misalignment on rotating equipment. So one would wonder; how is that possible in 2014, when, highly sophisticated methods have been around for over twenty years.

Why has the industry not eliminated the problems related to misalignment? The question presents itself with many answers; soft foot check, thermal growth compensation, dynamic measurement, training, allowed time to do proper alignments, simple inadequate torqueing of bolts. All these could be possible as to why in 2014, misalignment is still an issue

Do people really understand the needs and benefits of precision alignments? Data will show the effects on power consumption, bearing life, and overall mill efficiency.

This presentation will focus on discussions showing the needs and benefits of doing good alignments, interaction with the audience in discussing the whys of their misalignment scenarios. We will address; why is training an issue, why is soft foot not checked, why is thermal growth not compensated for.

Overall information on why you need to join us in re-aligning Canada, and how you can start doing it with, in some cases, as little investment, as some basic training and changing the mindset of the maintenance team and management.
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