Diversity and Inclusion: Defining the Business Case for Your Operations

Vancouver 2014
Diversity and inclusion increasingly are being recognized as critical themes that can make or break mining operations. The industry’s workforce is changing rapidly with regard to age/generation, gender, and nationality, but this is only one of the factors driving the emphasis on diversity and inclusion. Other factors include new mining technologies, highly visible and sometimes volatile issues regarding the social license to operate, and increased media and regulatory emphasis on social responsibility.

For each of these topics, diversity is a major underlying theme. In some instances the industry is aware of the diversity opportunity. In others, the opportunity has been less obvious, or the industry has assumed there is no practical way to take advantage of the opportunity.

During a highly interactive session, Korn/Ferry will outline the path forward that deliberate inclusion can offer. Session objectives are as follows:

1. Increase participants’ awareness that diversity in its many forms is the mining industry’s inescapable reality, and that inclusion provides a unifying point of view for managing diversity in whatever forms it appears.

2. Help participants to translate their real-life operational challenges into addressable diversity issues and inclusion opportunities.

3. Illustrate how deliberate practices of inclusion – ones that are realistic in a mining environment – can address these opportunities. Korn/Ferry will reinforce this with examples of mining successes that have demonstrated the tangible value of inclusion in maximizing production.

Keywords: hauler, availability, tires, fuel and emissions, fatigue, haul road
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