The mining supply chain of the future

Vancouver 2014
Mining companies are facing more and more challenges to extract and deliver the right products to the right customer at the right time on a cost efficient basis. The growing fragmentation of the steel market, the deteriorating quality of the material in the mine, combined with competition and commodity price volatility are all putting pressure on operating costs. Mine operations are also facing a series of logistics’ optimization issues related to moving the materials from mines to ship. The mining industry also uses highly capital intensive assets which require their optimal usage throughout the whole supply chain. At the same time technology is growing rapidly and becoming more and more available. People are now using smart phones in their daily routines; houses are now equipped with sensors and automated systems managing lighting, heating and cooling. Fortunately, all those new technologies can now be used to help the mining industry optimize operations and reduce costs, while improving sustainability of mining operations.

Join Martin Provencher, Quebec Metals and Mining Leader, on an exclusive session to discuss on the future of the mining supply chain. We will cover in a practical way, how analytics combined with new technologies could result in an integrated operations scheduling and management of the future.
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