In this paper the utilisation of building information models (BIM) and construction automation on building sites is discussed. A lot of research has been carried out to develop new applications for using BIM to assist construction site planning, different operations and logistics. The methods of production control and management on site utilize BIM together with machine control and navigation systems. In Finland machine control systems and the automation of construction equipment is widely used in infrastructure construction. Recently similar methods have been introduced also in building construction. This paper describes some latest Finnish examples where BIM-software is used for the planning, execution and control of building construction operations. University of Oulu has studied methods and technologies to capitalize BIM-models. The research has been mainly in infrastructure construction but the activities have recently been extended to building construction. In this paper a BIM-based tower crane operation and control system is discussed as a case study. The aim of this study was to highlight the potential areas were automation can increase the crane productivity and improve site operations and logistics. The construction site managers and tower crane operators interviewed in this study were experienced in using BIM-models on site.
Keywords: Construction; Models; Model; Operation; Automation; Information; Control; Controls; Control; Research;
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