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Underground mining in general and more so the coal mining is a hazardous venture as it is a struggle against nature and natural forces. The stability of roadways has a direct impact on production and productivity. The roadway stability can be strongly influenced by the direction of the drivage. The stress studies are useful to provide a frame work for understanding the influence of drivage direction on roadway conditions, and to illustrate how mapping techniques can enhance this understanding. The act of mining can concentrate and re-orient the original stresses. Whenever coal is removed, the overburden weight that it carried is transferred. Vertical stresses are similarly affected when the roof is deformed or failed. The Singareni Collieries Company Ltd., a joint Public sector undertaking of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and India is conducting coalmining operations in the Godavari Valley Coalfield and is catering to the needs of a large part of South India. With the technology update, it is looking for safe mining and to achieve higher production. As a part of this, an attempt is made to understand the stress conditions prevailing on the mine blocks by different ways and means in terms of geology, structure and tectonics of the Godavari Valley coalfield, satellite imagery studies, cleat pattern, stress measurement studies conducted in different mine blocks, and stress mapping technique.
Keywords: stress; Valley; Mapping; India; Trends; cleat; Mine; Mines;
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