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The reliability of mine ventilation systems is critical to normal and safe production in a mine and includes reliability of the following parts: ventilation system branch (or passage), ventilation structures, ventilation network, and the fan. Among these, the reliability of a ventilation branch may be considered the foundation of the whole ventilation system. The branch ventilation flow includes four parameters: air volume; toxic and hazardous gas concentrations; temperature, and dust concentration. The calculation model for the reliability of a branch was established based on the analysis of normal distribution of flows in any one branch. Then, the efficiency of the ventilation structures and fire risk compromising the reliability of branch was studied. The results obtained were as follows: if the air volume, toxic and hazardous gas concentrations, temperature and coal dust concentrations of the branch are within reasonable limits, set at any stable state and at the same time, then this branch is reliable.
Keywords: Reliability; Air; Probability; Temperature; Systems; Distribution; Mines; Mine; Mines;
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