Safety Culture - Theory and Real World Results

Dave Rezansoff, Steve Lowen, Alice Wong,
Abstract Abstract – Safety Culture – Theory and Real World Results

Cameco Corporation is one of the world’s largest uranium producers. Nuclear energy plants around the world use our uranium products to generate one of the cleanest sources of electricity available today. Our vision is to be a dominant nuclear energy company producing uranium fuel and generating clean electricity. Our goal is to be the supplier, partner, investment and employer of choice in the nuclear industry.

Cameco accounts for about 16% of world uranium production from our mines in Canada, the US and Central Asia. Cameco is also a leading provider of processing services required to produce fuel for nuclear power plants, and generates 1,000 MW of clean electricity through a partnership in North America’s largest nuclear generating station located in Ontario, Canada.

As an integral component of managing and continuously improving our safety culture and performance Cameco conducts safety culture assessments and follows them up with targeted management action plans and leadership in the field

This paper describes the background, theory, recent safety culture assessments and Cameco’s actual experience in field follow up, safety culture improvement and real world results.
Keywords: Safety, Uranium, culture
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