Establishing Risk Based Asset Integrity Strategies for Protective Coatings Maintenance

Terry Aben, Chad Milbrandt,
Abstract Over the past decade, there has been a widespread adoption of risk based asset integrity programs by the mining industry to address issues with mechanical equipment and structures, moving from reactive maintenance to predictive planning. In most mining operations, corrosion plays a primary role in the loss of integrity, and is most effectively combated by protective coatings. It is generally recognized that upkeep of protective coatings is a much less costly approach to maintaining asset integrity in comparison to repair or replacement of the steel it replaces, but there has been a lack of a fact based comprehensive approach to determining the best practices for maintaining coatings.

In recent years, there have been advancements in ISO Standards specific to coatings and corrosion that provide confirmed quantified information on the condition of coatings and the factors that affect coatings degradation. This paper will look at the relevant ISO standards, and how their combined use can provide a risk based asset integrity strategy for maintaining protective coatings that parallels, and complements the programs being used for mechanical equipment and structures.
Keywords: Maintenance, Asset Integrity, Protective coatings
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