Application of Decision Networks in Mine Management Systems

CIM Vancouver 2010
Sergey Seroukhov, Chris McElman,
Abstract Decision Network Modelling in a Mining Operation Mine operations represent a complex process environment that is inherently more variable than a processing plant or factory. The uncertain availability of loading locations, haulage paths, loading and hauling equipment, along with inconsistent operator behavior, cause a relatively large number of upset events that must be recognized, communicated and dealt with by the appropriate management authority. Traditional process maps that represent a dynamic model of the mining process can quickly break down in the face of such a volatile environment. An alternate modeling strategy, composed of decision networks, is proposed. This modeling strategy uses a static model of the operational decision flows to design and represent a system that is agile, resilient and adaptable in the face of volatility. An example of this decision network in an open-pit mining operation will be described, along with a methodology for evaluating decision quality.
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