Maximizing Ore Extraction at Xstrata Zinc Brunswick Min

Guy Bourque,
Abstract Brunswick Mine, an underground lead and zinc mine located near Bathurst, New Brunswick, has been in operation since 1964. During the last 46 years, metal prices have fluctuated and mining has adjusted accordingly. As the end of the mine life draws near, it is critical to mine the ore reserves to their full potential. Since 2007, a final review of the resources and remnants was set in motion by the mine engineering and geology departments to maximize ore extraction. The use of “new” technologies and strategies has been instrumental in recovering ore once considered unmineable.
In the midst of fluctuating metal prices, economic review was often challenging and required nerve to hold steadfast on forecasted metal prices. This paper will document the evolving process employed to evaluate resource economics; required infrastructure and mine sequence optimization. Significant capital expenditure was spent during this time to ensure required information was gathered to make sound engineering decisions.
Keywords: Economics, Resources, Brunswick Mine
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