Drill Rig Navigation and Drill Plan Creation Using IREDES

APCOM 2009
Mikael Andersson, Kenneth Nyström,
Abstract Since the beginning of this century Boliden Mineral and Atlas Copco have worked together in stages on improving the accuracy and quality of drilling. Navigation of the drillrigs with IREDES has been in use in the Boliden mines for several years. Recently the capability of the system has extended with map navigation to more accurately follow the ore in cut&fill mines. The system allows for changes on the individual round level to follow the ore without changing the whole design for the heading. Those changes are done in a CAD-system and remove the need for face markings and will allow for even better accuracy in both height and wall position. All the information between the CAD-system and the drillrigs is exchanged using the IREDES standard. This paper describes the workflow and the use of the IREDES standard.
Keywords: Navigation, drillplan, Boliden, xml, IREDES
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