Application of Promodel for the Simulation of Hoists in Underground Mining

APCOM 2009
Nick Vayenas, XiangXi Wu,
Abstract This paper discusses the application of a commercially available state-of-the-art PC discrete-event simulation modeling software, called Promodel, for simulating a typical underground mine hoist system in the Sudbury mining region, in the province of Ontario in Canada. The reasons for using Promodel as a two-dimensional simulation development tool is its simplicity in use and its capabilities to provide enough flexibility to meet the modeling requirements of a mine hoist system. General information of a mine hoist system was collected for building the model. Example of the model’s output is also presented. The application of Promodel in underground mining offers a powerful, two-dimensional simulation environment in an affordable price for mining engineers to analyze and study operational problems. This hoist simulation model is an intuitive demonstration of the mine hoisting elements and the operational logic of the hoist, based on which optimization of the entire mine system materials flow can be considered as part of a mine cycle management feasibility study.
Keywords: Underground mines, Computer simulation, PC computer, case study example, Hoists, modelling of hoists, two dimensional animation
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