CIM Edmonton 2008
Ben Thompson, Morteza Amoorezaei, Murray Grabinsky,
We have undertaken to perform a number of large scale field tests to provide a better geomechanical understanding of cemented paste backfill systems, in response to the current lack of in-situ field data in this area. The first field test was performed in a 150 m alimak stope. Instrument clusters inside the stope measured total and pore pressures, suction and conductivity, and demonstrated lower than expected total pressures, and significant arching within an adjacent drift. Deformation of the barricade was measured as a maximum of 2 mm.
The second test will be performed in a 40 m high long hole stope. The positive and negative aspects of the first test are reviewed and a discussion presented as to how these, and geometrical differences are reflected in the designs of the second test.

Keywords: Backfill, Paste, Field Instrumentation, Total Pressure, Conductivity, suction, Alimak Stope, Blasthole Stope, cemented paste backfill, Pore pressure
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