Maintenance Decision Support Program (MDSP)

CIM Vancouver 2006
Abstract Syncrude has implemented an on-line “near real-time” equipment health monitoring system integrated with corporate Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and other data sources for the trucks and shovels fleets at both the BaseMine and Aurora mine sites using high-speed wireless communication technology. The system provides a single user interface to monitor different types and makes of equipment, thus eliminating the need to adapt to the varied proprietary OEM remote monitoring applications with varied functionality.

The architecture and infrastructure design requirements are discussed to illustrate the application of new technology for facilitating and enhancing the day-to-day maintenance of Syncrude’s vast fleet of trucks and shovels.

The presentation will demonstration the justification of this information technology initiative, its functional capabilities and the friendliness of the system. Some of the challenges encountered during the development and implementation and successful accomplishment will also be shared.
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