Achieving business results through IT: Insuring controller performance benefits with web-enabled monitoring at Noranda

Gold 2003
D. Shook, R. Khalili, Matrikon Inc., M. Grenier and L. Lariviere, Noranda Inc., CEZinc
Abstract A mineral processing facility near Montreal, CEZinc, Noranda Inc., has recently implemented a leading-edge intranet solution for monitoring the performance of plant operations, and providing condition-based maintenance. This innovative multi-faceted software implementation incorporates: web-delivered plant information systems; area-wide control loop performance assessment (using sophisticated algorithms to evaluate poorly performing controllers); and integrated alarm management functions.
The system has enabled a project to improve plant operations through better process control. Maintenance technicians, engineers, supervisors and managers all can see the performance of the controllers, and the performance of the plant itself, through web-delivered graphics and reports. Information is combined from many sources, real-time, historical, relational and analytical, to provide a complete picture of plant operation. The web-based solution centralizes the administration of user access, and simplifies the deployment of several different kinds of information to many desktops. It is an extensible system that allows users to create and share their own web pages and data views. The paper will discuss the solution architecture and the improvements the IT, operations, maintenance, and engineering groups have experienced, and overall benefits to the facility.
Keywords: Information technology, Monitoring, Controller monitoring, Controller performance, Noranda.

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