Ok Tedi: Creating community partnerships for sustainable develpoment

CIM Vancouver 2002
Abstract Papua New Guinea is a country struggling to find a balance between the demands of national and regional growth, landowner expectations and the maintenance of cultural identity. Ok Tedi Mining Ltd is the single largest contributor to PNG's economy, representing about ten percent of the country's GDP. OTML is demonstrating that business and country risk can be managed through effective, respectful partnerships with local communities. OTML's relationships with the communities of PNG's Western Province are multifaceted. Communities have borne the brunt of the mine's environmental impact, yet have benefited enormously from the development that the mine has brought. Importantly, the PNG community is now the ultimate beneficiary of more than four-fifths of the dividends from the mine, the majority of which are held in trust for long-term sustainable development projects. This paper will describe how OTML works with the Western Province communities to create a secure operating environment that recognizes the people's aspirations for development and self-determination.
Keywords: communities, Ok Tedi, Mining, Partnerships, Papua New Guinea, Sustainability, landowners
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