Integrated Condition Monitoring: The Future Direction of Predictive Maintenance Strategies

CIM MineSpace 2001
William H. Emling, William S. Stan,
Abstract With profitability pressures in heavy industry increasing, many producers are turning to predictive maintenance as a means of harvesting untapped value from their production assets. Corporations are losing their maintenance and processing core competencies through attrition. As capital budgets are being trimmed, manufacturers are consolidating operating units into fewer, more profitable routes. Maintenance functions, however, typically receive low priority when investment is made, since many companies consider maintenance costs as “overhead”.

Condition-based monitoring, integrated to Level I and Level II process inputs, is seen as the most cost-effective solution to the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies. This paper will review the evolution of preventive and predictive maintenance programs, highlighting examples of successful application of integrated condition monitoring.

Keywords: Condition, Reliability, Monitoring, Maintenance, Integrated
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