How to reach pharmaceutical grade talc from Iranian Resources

CIM MineSpace 2001
Manouchehr Oliazadeh, Kamal Ghazizadeh, MohammadAli Mirmohammadi,

Talc is used as a gelating ,dilutting,antimould and softening agents in the pharmaceutical industries.This article reviews efforts made for producing pharm grade from a talc deposit located in west Iran, called MasoudAbad. Attaining to the pharm standards ,is the principal goal of the talc benefication.Methods such as flotation and leaching was applied to eliminate the specimen impurities .Considering to the negigible Fe content of the deposit, the major impurities were carbonate minerals i.e. calcium and dolomite.Depressants used in froth flotation were Dextrine,Duebraco and Sodium silicate variation of collectors such as oil petroleum, paraffin, stearic acid were used.After optimization of the effective parameters followed by two stages of flotation (rougher and cleaner) leaching process was used as a complementary step to omit the impurities.Carbonate impurities in the studied specimen was 11.63% Cao,reduced to 1% Cao after two flotation stages,finally reached to 0.03% Cao by using leaching process ,which is more lower than the world pharm standards ( <0.6 % Cao ) .The best recovery was 49% .Contents of the other impurities (i.e. As,Lead,heavy minerals ,..) and pharm standards were also confirmed by the related organizations.

Keywords: Mineral Processing, Flotation, Pharmaceutical Talc
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