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Woodgrove Technologies staged flotation reactor

The future of flotation

Buoyed by pressure to cut costs and improve recovery, new flotation technologies are on the rise

Technology: Water treatment

GEABMet module

Solving the selenium problem

The science behind selenium in the environment is young and the technology even younger, but for miners managing it, the element is an immediate concern


Buritica Colombia

The peace puzzle

Despite the frustrated peace agreement in Colombia, Canadian miners see progress
Dornod Mongolia

Balance due

Miners meet roadblocks as they try to collect on international arbitration wins

Cost-consciousness in Sin City

Efficiency and performance the ethos at latest Minexpo
Samarco dam rebuilding

The genesis of a disaster

Structural flaws led to Samarco dam failure: report


Cat797 Mammoet Finning

Keeping it together

Mammoet and Finning deliver fully assembled haul trucks in the oil sands
Vale Stobie mine

The solution of a sort

Vale’s Stobie Mine finds success with underground waste-management system
Harald Lemke

Greater value than the sum of its parts

The potential of additive manufacturing in mining

Mining Lore

Mining warfare in WWI

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology

In Focus

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WATCH: The future of mining

A special presentation made in co-operation with McEwen Mining


Ryan Bergen headshot

Editor's letter

Dispatch from the desert
Michael Winship

President's notes

Different talents, better results

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