Inside the May issue

Project Profile

Florence Copper

Ripe for recovery


Cabo, Corona College connect

Would-be diamond drillers learn first-hand

Northern exposure

Quebec tour offers Latin American journalists new perspectives on mining

Strike it rich

Unearthing the secrets of discovery at PDAC

Raw data revolution

Technology standards committee to launch at CIM Conference

Difficult discussions

Mining development in Quebec fuels debate


Supply Side

How to get more out of a mining trade show

HR Outlook

Collaborative workforce planning addresses skills shortage

Eye on Business

ICA not a serious threat to foreign investors


Water and mining – reporting the risks and challenges

CIM Community

Bridging the generation gap

New CIM chapter at UBC introduces students to mining

Industrial strength connections

CIM provides networking opportunities, education and more


Stable slopes make better valleys

Golder and Teck work to depressurize walls at Highland Valley Copper

Mind the grind

MillMapper opens new liner monitoring possibilities

A clean sweep

Vale will overhaul smelter to reduce atmospheric emissions

Pushing potash further

Mosaic K1 pioneers automation in the sector

Tested and ready

Cave mining methods attractive as open pits disappear

Fresh air

Peter Robinson, the CEO of the David Suzuki Foundation, on mining, the environment and sound management

Tools of the trade

Mining Lore

The Plaster War of 1820

How the locals won

Historical Metallurgy

Metallothermic reactions

A short history


Editor's letter

Minerals for all seasons

President's notes

A steady pace

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