February 2012

President's notes

The CIM Journal enters its third year

By Chuck Edwards

For several years, CIM made its peer-reviewed technical papers (the renowned CIM Bulletin) available solely through our web site, with only summaries printed in CIM Magazine. This practice was undertaken to save publishing costs, but proved unpopular with both authors and readers. In addition, CIM’s reputation as a technical publisher appeared to suffer. The improving financial strength of CIM allowed us to rethink our technical publications in 2009. A membership survey showed very strong support for a printed technical publication over an online format. In response, CIM decided to once again print its peer-reviewed technical papers in a new quarterly publication, the CIM Journal, to which every full CIM national member is entitled. We launched the journal at our annual conference in Vancouver in 2010.

A CIM Technical Publications Committee was developed to lead, manage and coordinate all printed technical publications, with initial emphasis on the CIM Journal. We also refined and strengthened the CIM procedures for peer review of submitted manuscripts, with reviews managed by each CIM technical society for papers relevant to its area of expertise. Currently, we have 159 volunteer peer reviewers on the job.

We also decided to print every volume in full colour and to publish papers in either French or English (as submitted) with the abstract provided in both languages. Both of these features enhance and broaden the appeal of the CIM Journal, which is provided to CIM members at no extra cost.

As we hoped, the CIM Journal has gained international acceptance. More than 40 per cent of the papers it has published have come from countries other than Canada, including Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Australia, India, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, Chile, France and South Africa.

In upcoming installments, watch for the occasional single-commodity (such as copper, nickel or iron ore) or single-topic (such as rock engineering, tailings management or comminution) issues. The first such special edition, due in the third quarter of 2012, will be the uranium issue.

In closing, I ask all CIM members to consider submitting papers for publication in the CIM Journal, thus ensuring a robust publication that continues to reflect our industry’s wide range of scientific, technical and managerial expertise.

Chuck Edwards, CIM President

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