MAC Economic Commentary

The economic downturn – two unknowns. By P. Stothart

Supply Side

Fewer mines mean less business for suppliers. By J. Baird

First Nations

What’s in a name? The rock that kills. By J. C. Reyes


Innovating through research CANMET-MMSL pushes the limits of the possible in Canadian mining. By M. Laflamme, M. Grenier, and J. Zinck

HR Outlook

Innovation amid uncertainty. By J.P. Chabot

Student Life

Lessons learned: what history can teach us about the future. By R. Clarke


Change in Chile: new law recognizes the role of “competent persons”. By D. McCombe

Engineering Exchange

Distinguished at any depth. By B. Sundararajan

Eye on Business

Topical issues in mergers and acquisition transactions. By G. Ho Yuen


Insert article's subtitle here. By Insert article's author name here


What’s in it for us? The Canadian mining industry’s emerging role in space exploration. By D. Boucher

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