Procurement Supplier Management Course

  • Dates:
    Mar 05, 2016
  • Hours:
    From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Location:
    Downtown Toronto Hotel near PDAC
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Contact Information

Nick Seiersen
President & CEO
213 Douglas Ave Oakville, ON L6J 3S2
1 647 299 8360
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Event Detail

Organizations are buying more and more goods and services, and doing less and less in-house. Getting the right deal with the right supplier, and delivering on that deal has never been more important. Every company must learn how to secure maximum value from suppliers who deliver up to 80% of the value created by today’s companies. Yet there is little formal training on how to achieve this through arm’s length suppliers. This one day intense workshop will help you build a winning gameplan.

You will learn how to:     Set the stage to secure the right deal with the right supplier – every time

                                             Determine where you are spending your money, and identify opportunities to increase value for money spent with your suppliers

                                             Become more proficient in supporting and driving your company’s targeted strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives

Benchmark your procurement capabilities and effectiveness

Put in place the disciplines to deliver the value your supplier contracts contain.


Workshop Overview:

Why procurement counts - and why delivering the value of the deal counts even more. Spend analysis – where are you spending your money, and where are the opportunities that may exist? Strategic procurement – How to address the opportunities to secure the right deal with the right suppliers. Contracting and contract management – making sure the bid is written into the contract that will bind you. Supplier relationship management – focus the effort on making sure value is delivered. Good supplier relationships are good business. Benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators – are the key skills and capabilities present? Are they being well deployed – and how will  you know?